Driving Hack – How to Get More Mileage on Your Car by Driving More Efficiently!

Recently, I found out a “secret” on how to get more mileage from your car without any kind of gimicks or gadgets but by doing less, waaaay less.

I admit I am a city boy or city man if you want to call it that.  I used to drive very fast, tailgate everyone, cut off everything.  That’s just the environment I grew up in South Korea where yelling at your fellow drivers was just like eating breakfast.

Well, I have done that over 15 years of my life but sadly, my fast life has come to an end.

Of course, I did go from 15.4 miles per gallon to a whopping 19 miles per gallon on my V6 gas-powered 2002 Chevy Trailblazer SUV.  Now, that’s a whopping 23.38% increase in efficiency of my SUV!

LMAO, I am thinking if EVERYONE in the world did what I did, it could possibly save more gas than any hybrids can.

So, here’s my secret.

1. Accelerate your car gradually at all times unless it’s an emergency.  By not acclerating hard on your car, you will use your gas as efficiently as possible.

2. Try to accelerate more on downhills but less on uphills.  By accelerating on downhills, you are in effect using your momentum so your gas is used more efficiently.  If you try to accelerate too much on an uphill, it’s simply not efficient and you will end up using more gas.

3. This is one of the biggest secrets I found for my SUV.  Most cars are most fuel-effcient at speeds between 25 to 55 MPH.  Anything less or more will probably be inefficient.  What I found was that these speeds are most common during modest traffic.

I used to frown when I encounter traffic on the road, now I smile because I can save more gas.


Simply keep a good distance (about 5-10 seconds) between you and the car in front of you.  Then, make sure to let off on the gas if you see brake lights.  The 5 to 10 second gap will let you “coast” while your car will get near 99 MPG during that highly efficient mileage time.  Of course, the 5-10 second gap also gives you a good chance that the traffic ahead will start moving again.

I have an MPG meter on my SUV and by doing this I found that I got about 60 to 99+ MPG during modest traffic where speeds are around 25 to 45MPH.

YES!  That means you can actually get more miles per gallon during TRAFFIC!

As crazy as that sounds, it works.

Modest traffic is your best friend when it comes to driving on the highway.  Plus, by keeping a gap between your car and the car in front of you, you will be able to erase traffic waves.

I see that 99% of people in traffic don’t do this.  They do the opposite and press on the gas, brake, gas, brake, while I am never even hitting brake most of the time, just gassing as it’s needed to keep my 5-10 second  gap.

Think of how much gas the world will save if everyone did this.

You don’t need an electric car, you just need to “drive more efficiently” to save earth.

That’s a whopping 23.38% increase in gas efficiency, THINK ABOUT THAT!

I am sure we can surely use that 23.38% to better use, don’t you think so?

Of  course, most of us humans do not have the patience to achieve this because we are humans and we like the gas/brake combo by nature.

But I highly suggest you to try my methods and see if you can become more efficient at driving your gas guzzler. (and save earth)

Besides saving gas and earth, driving in this fashion will lower your heart rate, lessen your risk of heart diseases/cancer, and ultimately let you live longer.

There’s never a good reason to be in a hurry anyways unless your wife is pregnant or someone’s sick.  If you must get to work in time, just get up earlier.  If you must make it to an appointment, leave earlier.  If you just need to go really fast and furious for an adrenaline rush, get a motorcycle like me; it’s much faster and furious than cars anyways.

Hurrying never helps anyone’s life, it just makes you feel like you are doing something faster when in reality, you are simply doing things less efficiently.

Again, there’s absolutely no reason to hurry unless you drive the fire truck.

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