Max Chillin’ in Santa Barbara!

For those of you who have been following me, Max, extensively throughout my blogging career, I have a sad news to tell you.  I will be very busy this week.

Well, most of you probably won’t mind but I am actually attending the CJ University Event this week, which is in Santa Barbara.

Just in case I get kidnapped or killed by some baaaad people, you can track my last hour’s status on Twitter @TrackMyPalmPre.

LMAO, j/k, I don’t think too many people are that bad over here anyways, it’s too laid back.  Besides, anyone who wants to do somethin’ like that will get an ass whoppin’ from someone who is very used to the “ghetto” in the city.  (Yes, I do like to put up a good fight and beat some ass if it requires me too, don’t try it though, you will regret my 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo and street-fighting experience.)

Anyways, I’ve been extensively testing my Palm Pre’s ability to act as a WiFi router as I am here with one of my best friends who is snatching some free internet access off  my Palm Pre’s WiFi Router instead of paying for the hotel’s unsecured wireless at $2.99/12 hours.  Well, story of my life, I love gadgets and I love hacking them.

You can also check out my blog post on the .biz blog that I wrote while we were driving down here from San Francisco.  (And yes, I was posting my blog post over my Palm Pre, which is cool.)

My “stubborn” friend who has an iPhone 3G and his wife has an iPhone 3GS is slowly coming to realize the advantages off having a Palm Pre.  I’ve been really scorching him about my Palm Pre but he “finally” gets it after he’s able to use my Palm Pre to download HD movies he loves to watch.

Anyways, I am really longing to get back to my home in San Francisco, even though I just got here.  Before I left, I was rejuvenating an old Mac Powerbook my friend gave me with a new harddrive and some Ubuntu Linux.  Besides that, I was also working on my old broken HP dv9000, which needed a new CPU fan replacement.

Of course,  all the replacement parts should be delivered to my home office when I get back, so I can get back to “hacking” stuff again.

Btw, I might also start a new blog about how to break open laptops of various different brands and models.  I am just having too much fun unscrewing my old laptops into pieces, I might as well make some detailed YouTube videos and instructions to help others along the way.

Well, this blog post is getting waaay too long, perhaps that sake I had earlier had something to do with it.

No matter what, I will keep blogging though as I have my travel gadgets with me, allowing me to blog from anywhere in America. (not the world yet as I don’t have one of those world broadband WiFi cards…. err….)

Anyways, gotta get some sleep now, going to go meet some affiliate people tomorrow, hopefully I can recruit some good ones and also get approved for some affiliate programs I needed to get on-board last year.

C ya!  Remember, life is about taking it easy, being laid back. 🙂

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  1. Lesly says:

    This is a hilarious blog! I love Santa Barbara and I am so jealous you got to spend a whole week there enjoying the beautiful city!! It is such a wonderful place to visit and spend time in, hopefully you can visit again! I was just there and I had a great time at the beaches and downtown as well! We stayed at the Sandman Inn ( So inexpensive and the best place to come home to while on vacation here!

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