DIY Motorcycle – Electric Sports Bike!

WOW, I’ve seen a handful of great electric motorcycles in the past few years but this is the first electric “Sports Bike” that I have seen.

What is more amazing is that this is a by-product of a 22-year old college student, who has built more amazing electric bike than a whole team of engineers at Kawasaki.

Kudos for such a great job on the bike and design too.

And yes, you can learn how to ride a motorcycle here too.

Two months. That’s all the time a 22-year-old college kid who spent his school days drawing fast cars needed to build one off the coolest electric motorcycles we’ve ever seen. It’s enough to make us want to slap all the grade school teachers who ever told us to quit doodling during social studies.

Tom Miceli built the Ion during his final year at Appalachian State University. He studied industrial design, and his senior project required him to create something that reflected all he’d learned. Given his love for getting from Point A to Point C while passing Point B in a blur, his choice for a project was a no-brainer.

“I wanted something eco-friendly that didn’t sacrifice performance,” Miceli told

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