More Chinese DIY Submarines!

You have to give it up for the Chinese inventors these days who can practically make anything from DIY submarines to DIY helicopters.

This isn’t new news but I guess “another” Chinese inventor made a DIY submarine out of old barrels.  Yes, someone did it again while people here in the States are obviously not really into submarines other than the marines.

Anyway, this guy spends around $4,385 to build this submarine.  I am sure I wouldn’t want to be in it no matter what but still, a great accomplishment that one single human being did this using crappy parts.

China Daily says that Tao Xiangli made his underwater debut in a lake outside Beijing on September 3, 2009. The inventor outfitted his vehicle with a periscope, depth control tanks and electric motors, after spending two years and roughly $4,385 on the project.

via popsci



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