SMB Hack Makes Your Windows Vista and Windows 7 Vulnerable to Blue Screen of Death!

One of the main reasons I don’t use Windows Vista or even Windows 7 is because they simply suck.  I know that people have been telling me that Windows 7 is actually quite better but the latest SMB hack proves that they are all still vulnerable as with any other Windows products.  I don’t blame Bill Gates though, he’s already filthy rich making Windows vulnerable but still, he did make PCs ever more popular than Apple ever was/will be.  I still remember rooting for DOS and Windows when they were the small guys.  Well, I’ve moved on though, no more proprietary Apple and no more crappy Windows, I have already started running Ubuntu, Fedora, and other linux operating systems on most of my machines.

This method attacks via the NEGOTIATE PROTOCOL REQUEST which is the first SMB query sent. The vulnerability is present only on Windows versions that include Server Message Block 2.0 and have the protocol enabled. A successful attack requires no local access to the machine and results in a Blue Screen of Death.

via hackaday


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