Food Hack – How to Make Pesto Sauce!

The first time I encountered Pesto sauce was while working at Pizza Hut back in high school.  Ever since then, I have been addicted to the taste of a Pesto pizza.  It’s probably one of the best sauce alternative to regular tomato sauce used for pizzas.

Anyways, someone at Instructables has written an extensive tutorial on exactly how to make this pesto sauce.  I don’t know what else it’s good for but I know it’s pretty healthy sauce so you should try it next time with some bread or even pizza if you know how to make pizza.

Also, you might want to take a look this other version of how to make pesto here.

Serve it on pasta, with eggs, with cheese, on crackers, with chicken or fish, worked into pasta or tortillas or with just about anything else that needs fantastic flavor. I recently ate some marinated artichoke hearts that had been tossed in pesto – they were excellent.


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