Windows XP Hack – How to Hack XP Admin Password!

There’s many times where you might have to hack your own Windows XP computer because your computer either got hacked or lost your admin password for some reason.  Here’s a free program that you can download and burn it as a CD to hack out your admin password.

I’ve seen other ways to do it but this seems the simplest yet so far so…

*Note – Use it at your own risk, I am simply pointing out the tools out there, I am not responsible for mis-use of this info. 🙂

via softmann


2 Responses to Windows XP Hack – How to Hack XP Admin Password!

  1. markee415 says:

    I cant download it cause the site its on requires a payment. 🙁

  2. zedomax says:

    Oh does it? Nevermind then, I didn't know they try to charge u money, darn. 🙁

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