Laptop DIY – How to Make a Newspaper Laptop Sleeve!

Remember I wrote a short blog post on the newspaper laptop sleeve couple weeks ago?  Well user shesparticular has pointed out her step-by-step instructions on how to make this newspaper laptop sleeve using transfer paper, iron, and some sewing.  Brilliant!

I make T-shirts myself too and the only thing I would need to learn is “how to sew”.  Well,  I will get to that eventually or maybe I will outsource it to my girlfriend.

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Since my mom’s birthday is coming up (Hi Mom!), I figured it might be neat to make her a nifty laptop sleeve emblazoned with the covers of her favorite newspapers (The New York Times and The Washington Post). Just to make it extra special, I used a photo-editing program to change the news a little, but you could also leave it as is – especially if something interesting was covered.


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  1. shesparticular says:

    Hey, thanks for posting this! I think it turned out pretty well. Sadly, the Instructable seems to be getting spammed, I have to assume it's from the company that produces them. . .kind of pathetic, I think.

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