Business DIY – How to Build a Brand that Consumers will Trust!


It’s 2:28AM again and I am still blogging.  Yes, it’s a Saturday night and I am blogging!  (I know I am crazy about blogging but then, what else does a blogger do other than blog at 2:28AM on a Saturday?)

Anyways, I did a short video of how to build a brand that consumers will trust over at my .biz video.

The solution is pretty simple, that you use your common sense and “be honest”.

People like honest products, it’s as simple as that.  When customers trust your company, they will buy your products because not only they believe your company’s philosophy, the product looks even better because of it.

Well, I am ranting here, I should really head to sleep as I’ve got some really big projects to do this week.  C YA!

In this example, KettleChips explains on the back of their potato chip bag, that KettleChips is made from all natural ingredients and they help sustain the environment through good causes.  I like that idea, it makes me want to eat more of these chips. (and I have about 3-5 bags of these on a regular basis)


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