Seth The Blogger Guy Responds, My Response Seth

Yesterday, I got sorta “peeved” because someone try to impersonate a “blogger guy”.

Anyways, Seth Bloom has just sent this e-mail to me:

Hey there,

Saw the post – happy to talk more about the program.  I get most of what you’re saying…but I do want to make sure you understand the title – and I’m concerned that readers will get the impression from the post that our videos are less then genuine.  We started these videos as a way to communicate directly and interact with our customers…mostly as part of our conversations on Facebook and other social media sites.  Sometimes bloggers find the content compelling (like handset unboxings, a walk-thru of a new iPhone app, etc.) and embed…and sometimes they just live on our sites.

When I started doing videos for AT&T I explained that I was the guy who works with tech bloggers for AT&T – that’s what I do.  (And a few posts – like MG’s TechCrunch post and Brian Chen’s Wired post make it clear that I do indeed work with them.)

Over time, that’s been shortened to “the blogger guy…”

Thanks for listening – hope there’s a way to clarify a bit so folks understand both who I am and why AT&T is making these videos for customers.


Here’s my response Seth and AT&T:

I think your videos are not genuine because they are simply not genuine. If you are going to fool the world with a “blogger guy”, try hiring real blogger guys like me, who are working 24/7 to make a living online.  I think it’s unfair that AT&T is sending out a message like it’s coming from a “real” blogger guy.

I do understand that you have worked with TechCrunch or Wired but that doesn’t shorten your title to, “the blogger guy”.  Perhaps, you need to use phrases like, “I have worked with blogger guys like TechCrunch or Wired,” or otherwise, it’s very misleading.  But definitely, you are not a “blogger guy” or even come to be like a blogger guy.

Let me tell you a story that almost every Korean knows about.  In Korea, there’s a saying where “If you can see one thing wrong, everything else is probably wrong.

Like the saying, the first sentence in AT&T’s video, “Hi there, I am Seth, the Blogger guy,” is a complete lie so I don’t have to tell you everything else on that video is probably not worth anyone’s time.

My honest wishes are that companies start taking “blogger guys” seriously and don’t try to impersonate blogger guys.  With millions of dollar you’ve made by selling iPhones through deceptive marketing, you could have easily even paid money to real blogger guys to make your statements.  There’s absolutely no reason I can think of right now that you need to impersonate a “group” of people.  That’s almost like saying, “I am Asian and I like AT&T.  You should buy one too.”

Look, I am a blogger guy and I am just really speaking my mind here.  I really have nothing against Seth Bloom or AT&T other than they have not been truthful about their marketing tactics in the past.  Most blogger guys speak what’s on their mind and that’s why people read/come back to blogs instead of reading newspapers or magazines.

For this:

…hope there’s a way to clarify a bit so folks understand both who I am and why AT&T is making these videos for customers.

I would ask Seth Bloom and AT&T to send out a retracting/apology statement for the things mentioned above. I speak my mind, this is an independent blog that speaks its mind, not concerned with money.  I think that’s probably the first thing in order to keep the remaining of your customers from going to Verizon or Sprint.   I am probably speaking out for other blogger guys out there here so I hope you understand the matter at hand, not just for me.

Perhaps no other blogger guys care but I do(and some of these guys do too), I will do whatever I can to make a change in the world.  I NEVER GIVE UP.

Be truthful, be honest, be respectable and you shall be rewarded.

My final advice on your e-mail:

I’m concerned that readers will get the impression from the post that our videos are less then genuine.

Make your videos genuine and I will never have to make such negative blog posts about you or any companies you are affiliate with.

There’s a saying in Korean, “Don’t step on poop, you will get dirty,” I feel very dirty now.  No more of this from now on.

Here’s a short video of what “the blogger guy” really means in plain English:


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  1. Linda says:

    You're an idiot. He explained himself clearly – you need to get a new hobby.

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