NFL decides to Ban Twitter!

Seriously, I think the NFL executives (or whatever they call the decision makers there) have no brains at all.  NFL has officially “banned” use of Twitter by players or their representatives before, during, and after the game.  (I would tell the NFL players to start a Twitter revolution.  It’s time the players make decisions!  After all, NFL isn’t NFL without the players.)

Say it aint so, Ochocinco! One of the NFL’s biggest personalities and one of Twitter’s most engaging celebrities indicated (via tweet) this afternoon that he’ll be deleting his account on the microblogging service “due to the many rules the NFL has made.”


So they can get LESS exposure for NFL?  Geez, Twitter has to be the best tool for promoting sports.

I hope they learn their lesson and stop being ridiculous.  Boo NFL executives, Boo~  You guys need to grow up and stop squawking and focus on what makes NFL better.

My advice to you NFL executives:

Don’t be a “squawker” or someone who constantly keeps “busy” for nothing important.

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