Hey, it’s Seth THE BLOGGER GUY – #AT&T #FAIL

I have one thing to say about this video from AT&T, Seth Bloom is NOT a blogger, I don’t know him, I don’t know any blogger who know him.

The videos starts with, “Hey, it’s Seth THE BLOGGER GUY…”

I stopped watching because I am a REAL BLOGGER GUY and I am furiously mad because that’s NOT ME nor does that represent any “blogger guys” out there.

LIES, LIES, and more LIES.  Consumers need truth AT&T, you FAILED again.


According to 9to5mac.com:

“Seth the Blogger guy” is really Seth Bloom, a Senior Vice President at AT&T’s outsourced public relations group. His title is as genuine as his message.

Let this day be the PROOF that I was right all along, AT&T LIES to customers like it’s nothing.

Here’s the “REAL” Seth:


AT&T, you did really bad PR here, you NEVER LIE STRAIGHT TO BLOGGERS IN THEIR FACE.  It’s 12:12AM on a SATURDAY morning here, I posted this because I am FURIOUS that you tried to LIE to consumers and IMPERSONATE REAL TECH BLOGGERS LIKE ME.

According to computerworld:

They were also able to use the iPhone 3GS’s 7.2Mbps real speed on day one. In fact, Canada’s Rogers network is rolling out a 21Mbps Network while the US waits for AT&T to catch up to Canada’s 7.2Mbps.

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