Top 5 Palm Pre Hacks To Do on Your Palm Pre!

I admit it, I’ve been a Palm Pre  whore ever since I got the Pre couple weeks ago.  For me, having Sprint’s EDVO fast connection and a linux-based smartphone is like heaven.  Trust me, it’s faster, better, and more reliable than proprietary iPhone.  Yes, I support the open source community Linux.

So, if you ever get a Palm Pre, what’s the Top 5 Palm Pre hacks you need to do to your Pre?

  1. Hack your Palm Pre to act as a WiFi Router. – This is what I did to my Palm Pre the very second day I got it.  Don’t forget, you can tether using USB too.  Sprint so far has been pretty nice about this so you shouldn’t worry about them “tracking” you, just don’t abuse it by connecting your mom and sister’s computer to the Pre wifi.
  2. Learn how to SSH into your Pre.  – Since Palm Pre is based on Linux, there exists literally MILLIONS of linux software you can install.  The first thing you need to do is install SSH (secure shell access), so you can install all types of linux software.
  3. How to run a WordPress Blog on a Pre – Once you have SSH installed, you can learn how to install a WordPress Blog on your Palm Pre.  (Yes, you can host a BLOG like this one on your Pre!!!)
  4. How to Setup GPS Tracking on your Pre – You can also learn to install GPS tracking on your Pre so you can find it if you lose your Pre or someone steals your Pre.
  5. How to Tweet your Palm Pre’s GPS location to Twitter – This is the more advanced GPS tracking method so the world can track where the hell you are, even if you are stuck in the mountains in the snow.

More coming soon, I am currently trying to get over some Swine-Flu-like cold right now (if it isn’t) and working on a new ecommerce site but should be back in full force next week. (hopefully)

GOOD BYE!!!  (I am waving to you, will you wave back?  Thanks, you can wave back in the comments line.)

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