UPS Hack – How to Get More Capacity and Battery Power from a UPS!

UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) is a great way to insure that none of your real-time applications shut down while working if the power goes out for some reason.  Of course, UPSes aren’t cheap these days and they can cost you an arm and a leg but there’s a UPS hack that can help you get more capacity and bettery life by adding car batteries to it.  What a great idea huh?  Your new hacked UPS should last you at least 3-20 times longer.

Now I have a great idea for all those UPS companies, they can simply make a UPS unit that works with any 12V car batteries!  (Why would they do that though, they’d make a lot more money by selling overpriced units with smaller batteries.)

Those UPS devices you buy for your computer usually have a gel-cell battery that lasts for a few years. Less if your power goes out a lot. When you replace them, you pay a bundle, even if it’s a standard cell. This short Instructable will demonstrate how to rework an older UPS for more capacity with cheaper battery power.

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