Pool Hack – How to Install a 50-Feet Lap Pool in your Small Yard!

Do you like swimming?  Do you have no space for a 50-feet lap pool in your backyard?  Does it snow where you live?

If you answered yes to any of those questions above, you might be happy to learn that there IS a way to install a 50-feet lap pool in your backyard or even garage!

iPool is such a pool that will let you swim practically forever using the adjustable harness.  This could be a great way to help your kids learn to swim and keep them away from big pools, which could be potentially hazardous to small toddlers.

There’s two versions of the iPool, the regular one and the other with water filter/pump and heater.

If you live in areas with cold winters, I highly suggest you to get the one with the heater.  Besides that, I think the regular iPool should work fine, just drain the water if you are not going to use it for a long time.

The latest innovation in resistance swimming, the iPool acts like an extremely tiny lap pool, helping you get all the exercise you need while taking up only 6 square meters of space–far less than a full-sized pool. The iPool’s small swimming tank is made of durable, lightweight fabric and is lined with PVC coating, ensuring that the 1,500 gallons of water stays securely inside. More significantly, the iPool offers a total footprint of roughly 10 by 6.5 feet, about the size of a minivan or SUV. As a result, you can move the iPool to several different locations in your backyard with ease. How does the iPool work? Unlike a full-sized pool, the swimmer doesn’t actually move through the water, but instead stays in place thanks to the pool’s compact Velcro harness. Once you’re strapped in, your movements provide all the resistance you need to boost your heart rate and work your muscles. It’s ideal for almost any user, including brand-new swimmers just learning the ropes of certain strokes, such as freestyle, frog style, backstroke, and butterfly; injured athletes looking to rehabilitate from knee surgery; and experienced swimmers who don’t have the space for a large lap pool but love the cardio resistance a good swim offers.

Price : $849 for Regular iPool
$1899 for iPool with water filter/pump and heater


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  1. Hey, that's a great idea!

    Another option people should know about is the stationary lap pool. It 's about the same size as the ipool, but has jets creating a currect instead of a harness. Here's a website that has information on lap pools as well as stationary pools, and also spas. They also sell a jet system that you can attach to a pool seperately, if you already have a pool.


    Thanks for the scoop!

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