GMail Hack – How to BackUp Your GMail!

All things man-made will break, even Google’s own GMail.   Now, you don’t need to fuss about it if you had all your GMail data backed up.

Here’s a bunch of great resources on how to back up your GMail so the next time GMail goes down, you will still have access to your e-mail:

Well, that’s just a handful of ways you can back up your GMail so the next time there’s GMail outage, you will still be able to keep going.

I think the simplest way is to actually have an EMail client such as MS Outlook or Firefox Thunderbird and pop your e-mails every once in awhile.  Of course, make sure you set the e-mail POP settings so they leave GMail e-mails “unread” if you want to keep using GMail web version.  (That’s how I do it.  I have MS Outlook but I hate using it to actually send mail over my GMail web/mobile.)


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