Arduino Hack – How to Make a pH Meter!

Here’s an awesome Arduino hack that shows you how to make a pH meter.  I was thinking that this could be great for automating the pool maintenance where you have to check the water’s pH level among other things.  That could be a LOT of money, automated water stabilizer!

Now, I gave you a great idea for a niche business, someone go please make it! (well, I guess there’s such thing as automatic pool cleaner already, oops!)

For example, it is necessary control the pH of an aquarium. Some species of fish can not live out of a range of pH. So, we need read it and make the write correction of the pH. Other areas or applications where is important to know the pH are hydroponic, fermentation processes like beer and wine production, environmental monitoring of soils, water of rivers, lakes, and rain, sewage treatment tanks, monitoring of solution and buffers in laboratories of chemistry, and etc.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Easier to just buy the pH phidget, and plug it straight into an arduino analog in. The conversion formula is in the phidget manual, or you could just use a two-point calibration.

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