Outdoor Multi-Jet Showers!

Here’s a great way to refresh yourself outdoors with the Outdoor Multi-Jet Shower.  I have to say when I have a big yard, I will surely get one of these or even better, make myself one from scratch.

This shower, discreet by its nature, surprised everyone as soon as it was released onto the market. The mass of water coming from the 3 shower heads, two of which are placed laterally, totally envelopes the body and gives an extremely soft sensation, touching the skin like refreshing foam.
The arch-shaped structure is made of hot-galvanised steel tubing, which allows it to be exposed to any type of climate. Then it goes into the thermo-lacquering cubicle which is an application of a heat-hardening coloured powder (high temperature kilning). This treatment makes an effective shield against corrosion and guarantees longlasting protection, maintenance is free. Any colour shade is possible.

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