Bank of America ATMs Wasting Energy, Turn that LCD OFF Please!


Here’s my letter to BofA and any other ATM-owing banks in the world who leave their ATM LCD on all night long:

Dear CEO of BofA and other banks that leave their ATMs on at night:

It’s 3:35AM over here in California, I have not been able to goto sleep tonight so I am working(blogging) in my car again.  Anyways, I parked my car by a local stripmall where I’ve noticed that Bank of America ATM machine LCDs are on as bright as hell.

Suddenly I realized how many BofA ATMs were out there and how much energy was being consumed by those needless LCDs being turned on.

Bank of America, I simply ask you to turn your LCDs off in the early wee hours.  I have nothing against your company but when I see situations like this, it makes all of us who are trying to save every bit of energy to sustatain the world pointless.

If every ATM machine in America has sleep mode function that would turn off after 30 seconds, we’d probably have enough energy to power a small city each day.

Let’s change the world one ATM at a time.  BofA and banks, please set your LCDs to sleep mode, there’s absolutely no reason why you need to keep them on, especially 3:35AM in the morning.

Thank you in advance for making the world bettter,

Best Regards,

Max Lee

CEO of Zedomax Network LLC


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  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for sharing. This information is useful for me.

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