iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone Tripod Mount!

Are you trying to mount your iPhone to a tripod such as a gorillapod?

Well, there’s a great detailed DIY guide on how to make an iPhone tripod mount here.

I first started out with plastic from  iphone box. I trimmed excess from edge to make it look more attractive doesn’t have to be done. Next , I lined up the Rubber case to find where I would need to place holes for the camera and the screws. I found that the case doesn’t find in straight in needs little bit of an angle to work, it depends on type of rubber case.  The best rubber cases I found to work with this is the one’s that have a rubber cover for the home button it keeps the phone in better. After line up where you want to put the holes, you can drill it or just use a knife to make the holes.

via lifehacker


2 Responses to iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone Tripod Mount!

  1. vitamin c says:

    Is going to work? I think It will be mess up if i make any mistake while drilling it. Is there anything i need to take care of while doing this? Thanks for this innovative idea. I will be more than happy to get it working.

  2. zedomax says:

    Dunno, I don't have an iPhone, I have a Palm Pre now. 🙂

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