Palm Pre Hack – How to “Tweet” Your Palm Pre’s GPS Location to Twitter!

Well, I digged a bit further with my Palm Pre GoogleMaps GPS tracking app and made a new app that will track your Palm Pre’s GPS location via Twitter.

This is a better way to keeping a record of where you have been traveling in the past with your Palm Pre.

Here’s a screenshot of my latest update @trackmypalmpre:


If you go type the location on GoogleMaps, you will get the following:


Incredibly, I am actually right under that tree in my car near the Monarch Bay golf course in a public parking lot, writing this very blog post using my netbook and my hacked Palm Pre WiFi Router.

LMAO, I will have to turn off the updates eventually, I don’t want everyone to know my location.  (OR I can set my Twitter updates to private so only I can see…)

But I will leave them up for now, you can track me @trackmypalmpre.

Click here for Full step-by-step directions on how to tweet your Palm Pre’s GPS location.

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