Mobile DIY – How to Boost Cellphone Signals in Your Car!

Today, I find a great spot near the SF Bay where the winds blog and I can enjoy the outdoors while working on my netbook inside my car.  Well, one of the problems I encountered was that the spot didn’t get great cellular signals for my Sprint broadband card.  It was one of those remote locations where I got 1xRT instead of EDVO Rev A signals.

There’s actually a lot of ways you can boost your voice/data cellular signals such as a mobile cellular repeaters but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

For those situations, I found a cheaper solution which might work well called Cell Ranger, a 12V in-car device that will boost any kind of 3G device on 800Mhz/850Mhz/1900Mhz signals.  (This includes most carriers like Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon but not Nextel.  Nextel is part of Sprint that does chirp btw but it won’t affect your broadband card or phones like the Palm Pre.)

I will be ordering this to test it out at my “spot” so in the meanwhile, you can get one too and boost your cellphone signal.

  • Up to 6 ft coverage area – enough to cover your home office desk, car, truck, RV, or boat
  • Intelligent microprocessor: STIX contains the revolutionary Cell Ranger microprocessor, which monitors signal conditions and selects which signals need amplification to provide optimal call quality.
  • Use Cell Ranger STIX inside with our universal AC adapter accessory (sold separately)
  • Easy installation: Simply attach the magnetic mount antenna to any metal surface (such as the boot of your car), and then plug in Cell Ranger and enjoy stronger signal
  • 12V DC socket: Use STIX in your car, truck, RV, or boat. Buy our universal AC adapter and you can use it indoors or two. Search for Cell Ranger PORT to find our USB model.
  • Magnetic antenna: Installation is easy with our magnetic antenna that will securely attach to any metal surface. Simply plug in the Cell Ranger and place the magnetic antenna on a metallic surface up to 16 ft away.

Price: $92.63 on Amazon


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