USB Mini Can Humidifier Ionizer Review!


Here’s a hands-on review of the USB Mini Can Humidifier Ionizer from  It’s a really cool little device as the Can Ionizer will purify the air around your office while providing a purified, ionized mist.  I really like it a lot since I smoke in my kitchen, this should help clean up the air quite a bit while I do gadget reviews and whatnot.  (Thanks Meka for the free sample!)

The fog of PC/Car Humidifier will neutralize with the smoke, dust, and gas molecules, and makes them deposit naturally. The multi-functional product can effectively control the “air-conditioning disease”. Moreover, it can also agglomerate anion around computer screens, which can eliminate static electricity, prevent myopia, and do well to human health and beauty.

Btw, has a great selection of low-priced gadgets with free shipping all the way from China! (Yes, they are reliable too!)

Anyways, Meka has given me a coupon code you can use to get 5% off on all products from their website. – (Coupon Code: MM5OFF13)  And no, I don’t make any money when you use the coupon code, it’s just a freebie. 🙂



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  1. Hi,

    This is random but I noticed you're using Aweber's blog broadcast…have you seen You might like it.

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  2. linus says:

    It’s really cool gadget.

    actually, I already bought this kkk

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