Parenting DIY – How to Get your Kids to Do What You Want Them To Do!

Here’s a simple advice for parents out there who are trying to motivate their kids to do things such as sports.

1. Do not “force” your children to do what you want them to do.

2. Make your kids “hungry” about things you want them to do.

3. Find a way to make your kids have “fun” on the things you want them to do.

4. Once they are having “fun”, make them stop even if they cry or whine.  This will make them “hungry” the next time they do the same thing.

5. Wait a couple days and repeat steps 3 to 4.

I think part of parenting is “tricking” your kids to having a great time at whatever it is then not letting them do too much of it.

How do I know?

I have read hundreds of golf books on how to teach kids and have taught many kids before.  Of course, that’s how you do it, by letting the kids have fun with a golf club but don’t let them get “burned out” by playing too much golf.  Even professional golf, as I am one myself a pro golfer, requires that the golfer does not “burn” himself out.  I am sure even Tiger Woods takes long breaks every once in awhile to refresh his mental state and get hungry again.

I hope that helps and this can also work on yourself too.  If you find yourself struggling to focus on your work, make an excuse that you are sick and take at least one day off.  That will freshen your mind and you will be 10 times more productive when you come back.

Happy parenting!

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  1. jonamss says:

    Very useful tips

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