Network DIY – How to Choose the Right Network for Your iPhone or Palm Pre!

PCWorld has recently conducted an unbiased data test for the 3 big cellular providers Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T.

The results are not shocking as AT&T had the most unreliable service, meaning you could get fast download speeds in your bathroom while you might even struggle to get connection while you drive.

On the bright side, Verizon and Sprint came out on top for reliability, which is probably the most important factor in choosing the fastest data network for your smartphone, iPhone, or Palm Pre.  Oops, iPhone is not available on Verizon or Sprint, I would simply wait until it is available if you really want the iPhone or just get a iPod Touch like I did.

These test verify my recent speed test of iPhone 3G versus the Palm Pre.  Of course, I have been complaining about AT&T’s slow service ever since it came out or even the days before AT&T’s cellular network used to be called Cingular.

Don’t forget that Sprint is the only data network rolling out 4G right now.  If you are on any other network, you will eventually have to switch to be up to speed.

As all things, I hate anything that’s slow but I heart anything that can be done as fast as humanly possible.

Make a wise choice when you choose your network for your cellphone.  If you happened to live in good AT&T coverage/speed area, well you must be one of the few.  But otherwise, Sprint is probably the better choice, common sense, not biased opinion.


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  1. So how do run my Pre on AT&T?

  2. So how do run my Pre on AT&T?

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