Outdoor Misting Fan Review!

Do you live in hot weather?  Can’t enjoy the outdoor life because it’s too HOT?

Well, don’t worry, the Outdoor Misting Fan is here to rescue.  The Outdoor Misting Fan features ability to act as a fan with powerful thrust of mist that can come straight from your garden hose.

I just got back from Texas last night for a business trip and I have to say if you live in hot weather areas like Texas, Florida, or many parts of Asia, this is definitely the outdoor fan you need to keep cool.

Enjoy the outdoors, don’t just live indoors with A/C on full-blast, it’s probably not good for you anyways.

Outdoor Misting Fan – There s nothing like a cool mist on a hot summer day. Clever fan attaches to a garden hose to provide incredible comfort. Repels flying insects and gets rid of airborne dust too. Three-speed design oscillates a full 80 degrees. Built with an integrated nozzle misting hub for continuous mist output. Can even be used indoors without the mist! All parts are rust-resistant.

Price: $99.99 on Amazon


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