Palm Pre Hack – How To Tether USB Modem out of your Palm Pre!


Well, I’ve gone a little Palm Pre crazy over the weekend, using it as my new WiFi Hotspot.  It turns out the My Tether app I used yesterday also has USB tethering capabilities.

To my surprise, the USB tethering worked beautifully, you can read up on how to tether your Palm Pre as a USB Modem here.

P.S. I got the paid-version of the My Tether.  Shout out to Raja for the wonderful app, Sprint should really consider adding app to their default apps, that would be a HUGE advantage over the iPhone.

Amazon is now selling the Palm Pre for $199 with contract and $499 without.

Sprint has secretly took out the USB Modem function couple weeks ago but do not worry as My Tether can do this for you.  I don’t think they realize that this very function of being able to use the Palm Pre as a USB Modem will help them more in the long run rather than hurt them.  Personally, I think if Palm Pre allows it, they will get more favorable ratings on the phone, nevermind make all the early-adaptors like me very happy.  I don’t know why they would not allow it, especially since my previous Sprint Blackberry 8830 did it too.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find the my tether app, is it in the app catalog? Is it undersomthing other than my tether?

  2. max says:

    Oh, this app you need to install using custom installer, see here:

    and here:

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