Palm Pre Hack – How to Make Your Palm Pre into a Wireless Router/HotSpot!


Palm Pre has been literally “awesome” in the last couple days that I’ve had it.

I love this new touchscreen phone so much that I even registered a domain name for it called on the night I bought the Palm Pre.

Well, it turns out that my $199 investment on the Palm Pre has paid off already as I have figured out how to make it into a wireless router already.

It wasn’t easy because a lot of the instructions were not easy to find but I did find a good Palm Pre app called My Tether that can turn your phone into a WiFi router.  (Yes, you can connect your laptop, iPod, or any other wireless device simultaneously!)

The greatest part about the Palm Pre is that it’s linux-based, it’s a linux computer in essence.  There’s literally millions of linux experts out there who are developing apps with ease and I think there’s way more potential for the Palm Pre down the road.

Okay, call me crazy but it’s a Sunday and 4AM right now, I am just so excited that I got my Palm Pre to be a WiFi router!!!

Being too excited, I decided to launch the blog early as possible so the very first blog post is a detailed step-by-step guide to making your Palm Pre into a WiFi router.

P.S. This app also lets you tether using USB too.


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