NEWS – How Should South Korea Inspect Suspicious North Korean Ships?

The recent news, if you have been keeping up to date, is that North Korea has all of the world’s eyes glued to their actions with nuclear weapons.  I personally think it’s ridiculous that the world is giving North Korea so much attention when there’s so much more important things to solve in the world such as inhuman Iranian government.

Here’s an excerpt from the Philipino news I picked up just now:

South Korea’s coast guard said Monday it is drawing up guidelines on how to inspect North Korean ships suspected of carrying banned items — a move expected to enrage Pyongyang, which has warned it would consider such inspections a declaration of war.

The move came as a senior US diplomat met with South Korea’s nuclear envoy about implementing UN sanctions punishing Pyongyang for its latest nuclear test and getting the communist regime to return to talks on its nuclear program.

It’s clear to me that South Korean government should really stay out of this, nothing good can come of it if the South Korean government picks North Korea’s brains which will ultimately end up in meltdown of Seoul, the 2nd largest city in the world with 10 million people living in it.  I happened to be such a person who grew up in Seoul most of my early life, I remember basically Seoul was ready to be “bombed” by North Korea on a daily basis and it still is today.

Somehow, I never figured out why our forefathers decided to put the capital city Seoul right next to the DMZ 38th degree parallel…

Anyways, back onto the story, you need to treat North Korea like any other country, they have their own rights to do whatever they want on their land and water.  Of course, if they start firing missiles into borders of South Korea, Russia, or China, then the world can get together and do something about it.

Think of it this way, if you had a bully in your neighborhood that always made a mess out of the street but stayed within his property, would you go over to his property and beat him up?

Well, I guess nuclear weapons are way more serious than that but still, the last choice for U.S. and other allied nations is to make that bully mad to jump out of his property and harm others.  The best way probably is to error on the “careful” side of dealing with North Korea diplomatically, not accusing them of doing anything.

In my theory, the U.S. politicians have seriously done damage to North Korea’s reputation by saying this:

Campbell said Saturday there should be consequences for North Korea’s provocations, but said the US and its partners would be prepared to offer attractive incentives if Pyongyang returned to the talks and took “serious and irreversible steps” to disarm.

This is like saying come and kiss my ass and US and its partners will not harm North Korea.   Why would you ask someone to do something they won’t agree on?  North Korea is probably not ready to kiss the world’s ass right now but maybe they are down to “talk” first.   Think before you speak!

Here’s a better, cleaner version by a non-politician, me:

US and its partners are prepared to offer attractive incentives if North Korea agrees to communicate and returned to talks with the rest of the world.

That simple, “disarm” could really scare the heck out of the “bully”, why even scare them before you talk to them?  Entice the bully to talk to you first, then negotiate the nuclear arms.

Everytime I hear US politicians announcing something on TV, I think, “wow, another stupid decision by the U.S. to piss off North Korea so us Americans have a bigger chance of getting bombed!”

Diplomacy please politicians, think before you speak!

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