Auto DIY – How to Rotate Your Tires!

I started rotating my own tires when I was 17 years old with a crappy jack.  Of course, not knowing a thing about cars in my younger teen years, I probably used the wrong jack points.  Watch the video below to learn how to rotate your tires and also “where” to jack up your car so you don’t unknowingly mess up your car.

Rotating tires isn’t that hard, if you are actually paying money to someone to do this for you, you might reconsider doing it yourself in the future as the recession economy will reward you for that.

My #1 advice?

Get a proper pump jack and jack stands, don’t try to use your emergency, factory jacks.

Jack stands will also guard against any stupid mistakes that could lead to your body crushed under the car. (or RIP yes please be careful when you do this.)

If you can afford it, you can forget the jack and jack stands in favor of a car ramp, which is much safer and quicker.


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