TokyoFlash Rogue LED Digital Watch Review!

Wow, I just received TokyoFlash watches from Paul over at TokyoFlash in Japan. (Thanks Paul btw!)

The TokyoFlash Rogue LED digital watch was my first choice for looks regardless of the prices.

My first impression?

Quality craftmanship, these TokyoFlash watches look very “durable” and everything on the outside is made with Stainless Steel.

I’ve bought many LED digital watches before, including the Nike watch I covered last year, but this IS the best LED digital watch I have worn.

Especially when you consider the price tag of $180.32, this is probably the best investment for your watch.  (FYI, I paid $250 for my Nike watch which comes with a rubber wristband, the wristband broke after only a year and now it’s worthless.)

Price: $180.32 at TokyoFlash (Tip, you can register and get like $6 off right away on their website.)








Here’s a video review of the watch:


Here’s how to read the TokyoFlash Rogue:


This TokyoFlash Rogue LED digital watch is actually pretty easy to read, just looks very complicated but I got used to it within just couple hours.

Once mastered, navigating the time is simple, but creates a sense of mystique to the uninformed. The outer ring of small dots represents minutes, every fifth dot being slightly smaller to distinguish five minute groups. The ring of large blocks represents rough minutes, the position of the gap indicating approximate minutes. The inner ring of blocks represents hours, the position of the gap in the ring showing the current hour as on a clock face.

P.S.  You can already enter to win a TokyoFlash Denshoku Watch by going to the new LED Digital Watches blog and signing up for the newsletter.  Official contest post will be posted soon.

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