Garden DIY – How to Maintain a Good Garden with a Plant Sensor!

For those of you enthusiastic gardeners out there, you might be happy to learn that there’s a better way to maintain your garden with the plant sensor.

The EasyBloom plant sensor allows you to sense humidity, water drainage, and temperature.  Simply stick it where your plants grow for a day, then stick the data via USB to your computer where you can analyze the environment where your plants are growing.

If you have a garden with inconsistent growth in certain parts, this EasyBloom Plant Sensor might be exactly what you need to help your plants grow healthier.

The $40 to $60 device analyzes sunlight, temperature, humidity, and soil drainage. Simply stick it in the soil for one day, then plug it into your computer’s USB jack and behold the breadth of the gardening guru’s wisdom. Matching the data from the soil to the EasyBloom’s library of plants, it suggests the best vegetables, herbs, trees, shrubs and flowers suited for your garden.

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