DIY – How to Make your own Pixar Wall-E Robot!

DIY - How to Make your own Pixar Wall-E Robot!

Yey, here’s how to make your Pixar’s Wall-E Robot!

This is my Wall-E project that I am currently working on it is 150mm x 150mm x 160 high, it uses a pair of Mattracks for motive power and two robosapienV2 hip motors. It will be controlled by a BS2P40 stamp cpu and will have the following functions described below. I build robots quite prolific but my let down is programing but learning I have a friend at Robocommunity GWjax who is programing it for me, From this I hope to learn how this program is put together and eventually program myself. We are in the progress of designing the H-bridge for the motors using the L298 chip, The head is finished apart from his adorable eyebrows maybe Nitinol wire or Muscle flexand pan/tilt has been run.

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