Arduino DIY – How to Make a Magic Mirror with Old LCD and Arduino!

Al Linke, the creator of the DIY Magic Mirror, has just buzzed me on his cool Magic Mirror, which was featured on Instructables as winner of the Halloween contest.

Well, I don’t know how I missed it if it was on Instructables but here it is and Al is actually selling kits you can buy to make a magic mirror yourself.

I have to say, this is really cool stuff, I think I have seen something similar, the Magic Message mirror but this one beats it hands-off as far as using it for different DIY projects is concerned.

You supply the PC, monitor, picture frame, and choose which sensors to use. Build the Magic Mirror Sensor Hub yourself by purchasing this hardware and following these instructions or buy one pre-built. Then plug it into a PC USB port and install the DIY Magic Mirror Software.

via DIYMagicMirror



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