Hackers Attack South Korea and the White House!

I know for a fact that millions of hackers live in South Korea, where even FBI can’t even get to.   Here’s a bunch of interesting news that hackers have attacked the South Korean government websites and also the White House.

Well, my best tip is that you need to really strengthen the firewall but whatever.

Also there’s speculation that North Korea might be behind this hacker attack.  I just think hackers are hackers, they do this for fun.

Researchers who are following the attacks said that they began July 4 and focused on the small group of United States government Web sites, but that the list later expanded to include commercial sites in the United States and then commercial and government sites in South Korea. Files stored on computers that are part of the attacking system show that 27 Web sites are now targets.

In South Korea, at least 11 major sites have slowed or crashed since Tuesday, including those of the presidential Blue House, the Defense Ministry, the National Assembly, Shinhan Bank, the mass-circulation newspaper Chosun Ilbo and the top Internet portal Naver.com, according to the government’s Korea Information Security Agency.

On Wednesday, some of the South Korean sites regained service, but others remained unstable or inaccessible.

via nytimes


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