$1.3M Patek Philippe Geneve Watch!

Here’s a Patek Philippe Geneve watch that is retailing for $1.3 million.  WOW, I would really love to get this watch as it’s so cool, the watch even has dials on the back!

When I make $100 million dollars one day, I will get myself one of these watches.  Wouldn’t you?


The Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon watch is an extremely rare, highly complicated timepiece created by one of the world’s best recognized manufacturers.

Long regarded as a collector’s piece the Sky Moon Tourbillon (made up of 686 hand made internal components) is limited in production to roughly 2 pieces per year. The rear face of this watch features a complete presentation of the nocturnal sky with a host of astronomical displays such as star movement, moon orbit and moon phases.

The watch incorporates several complications such as the perpetual calendar (with retrograde date display), minute repeater, a hidden tourbillon, and sidereal time display.

A fact that is not apparent by simply viewing photos of the watch is it’s indication of hours, quarter-hours, and minutes by using it’s own internal acoustic sounds that are clearly audible.

Much technology has been implemented into this sophisticated mechanical watch which is encased in 18K rose gold. It is a truly mesmerizing piece that, as all complicated Patek Philippe watches have, will increase in value as the years pass.

Press Release:

A Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon watch valued at $1.3 million is available for a limited time at SoKoBe.com.

The Sky Moon Tourbillon watch by Patek Philippe is so complicated that only two are produced each year, making the watch extremely rare. Patek Philippe is one of the world’s most recognized watch manufacturers, and the Sky Moon Tourbillon is truly a collector’s piece. SoKoBe.com is a high end jewelry company fortunate to get its hands on this watch and make it available to the public.

The Sky Moon Tourbillon is a luxury jewelry piece made up of about 694 handmade pieces. Each gear is hand polished which reduces friction and adds to the watch’s precision and longevity. It is the first double-faced wristwatch and is one of the most complicated wristwatches of all time. One side features a perpetual calendar and the other side features a presentation of the nocturnal sky with displays of star movement, moon orbit and moon phases.




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