Boat DIY – How to Make a Boat With an Old Mattress (or Box Springs)!

For those of you who live in areas where flooding or even tsunami is quite possible, you might want to learn how to make a boat with an old mattress so you will always have something to float on when disaster strikes.  I think this should really be titled, “box springs” as mattresses actually don’t come with wood in it.   Of course, if you bought one of these high-tech box springs, you probably wouldn’t be able to make this boat.

Boy, these are the ideas that set geniuses from regular ol’ farts. 🙂

Make the “Katrina Granny”, an improvised boat by painting a mattress.
This boat is perfect to get from your house to high ground when the flood hits.
This truly is the fastest boat in the world. To build that is.
You can even use it for a mattress while waiting for the disaster to hit!

Next time you’re driving to the beach and you see a mattress and some paint cans dumped by the side of the road, you know what to do!

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