Fantasy DIY – How to Escape Prison with an RC Blimp!

Although it’s hard to believe, some Italian Narc in Spanish prison has “attempted” to escape with an RC Blimp!  LMAO, this guy must be super smart, why is he in jail anyways?

Remember Leonardo Notarbartolo who robbed a diamond bank without anyone knowing how he did it?

One thing for sure if you are going to be a criminal (not saying you should be duh!), be smart and get the job done right.  I’ve always wondered why they don’t have a COPS show on the “smartest” criminals in the world.  (Probably because it will promote more criminals to be bad.)

Francesco Fondi, of the Italian site Hobby Media, sent us a link to a story about Giulio B, an Italian narc jailed in Spain, who attempted a prison break using this small dirigible. The site’s in Italian, but I gather the R/C craft was supposed to fly into the prison, with the payload of tools seen in the last image. A narc in prison? I bet he’s anxious to float out of there.

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