Increasing Auto Insurance Fraud and How to Re-Negotiate Your Car Payments!

The recession economy is increasing auto insurance fraud like no other in history.  According to Autoblog,

Despondent over being financially strapped and unable to cover car payments, vehicle owners are ditching, sinking, or torching their vehicles and reporting the loss to collect insurance payoffs.

It is definitely a shame to see honest citizens affected by the economy and end up burning their cars.

My honest advice is to really get a grip on your life before you attempt to recover money from insurance companies.  Life isn’t supposed to be easy but there’s always going to be solutions to problems if you keep looking.

Autoblog also says you can “re-negotiate” your current plans before deciding to burn your car and end up in jail:

A better solution for cash-strapped owners, say experts, is to attempt to renegotiate payments, sell the car, or trade it in for a less expensive model. While you generally won’t come out ahead, those transactions are legal and they’ll keep you out of the slammer.

I actually know someone who does insurance fraud stuff on consistent basis.  Just remember, “what you do will come back to you ten fold whether that’s good or bad.”

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