DIY Satellite Antenna King!

Here’s a South Korean farmer who has managed to get 80 satellites up and running as shown here.  The main reason is to actually get more channels for the foreign-born women who get married in rural Korea:

In South Korea, which had once prided itself on being a homogeneous society, 4 out of 10 women who married in rural communities last year were foreign born. In Yeongju alone, the number of foreign wives increased by 28 percent in the past year and a half, to 250, half of them from Vietnam.

“These women have a hard time fitting in. The local governments, and the husbands, often focus only on making them ‘Korean,’ teaching them the Korean language and computer skills,” said Mr. Lee, 39, who has never married. “They don’t quite understand how isolated these women feel.”

Anyway I look at it, this isn’t just another farmer, maybe Mr. Lee needs to stop farming and start a new broadcasting company.

via gizmodo


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