Blackberry saves a Skiers from Falling 700 Feet!

Here’s a rather interesting story where a skier got wedged between two rocks.  The blackberry in his pocket made his body just wide enough to fall 700 feet and saved his life.

At first I thought the Blackberry saved the skier by letting him call 911 but I guess there’s more uses with Blackberries than just calling the emergency department.

Very interesting, I am sure someone is already using a Blackberry to put butter on their bread already. (Congrats to David Fitzherbert for making it alive!)

“After 70 feet it narrowed and I became stuck like a cork in a bottle between the walls.

“Fortunately the extra inches of the Blackberry were enough to block the fall.”

David broke his jaw, smashed his teeth, cracked a bone in his chest and nearly tore his nose off.

His mountain guide made a distress call, and a mountain rescue team came to dig him out.

via engadget


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  1. This is what we call miracle. He's lucky enough to survive from falling, even though he's injured.

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