Meat DIY – How to Make an Electric Meat Thermometer!

As you well know, I am an avid-cook of various meats including T-bone, Tri-Tip, and even Prime Rib steaks.  Here’s how  you can make an electric meat thermometer so you know exactly when your steak is medium-rare, just how I like it, slightly with some blood that could help with your creatine diet. (via hackedgadgets)

To passionate chefs, cooking is an art. Knowing exactly when a cut of meat is cooked to perfection requires knowing your meat and your grill. But with a little bit of technology, we can build a digital meat thermometer, and use digital signal processing techniques to get a much faster response. This video explains how we can use the predictably slow heat transfer inside the temperature probe to mathematically model the sensor, and ultimately get a much faster response, with a little bit microcontroller computing power!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    your funny who would want to no how to make this stupid thing

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