Cast Iron Skillet Review!

For the most healthy, home-cooked meals, you might want to consider getting a real cast-iron skillet as I have been using one for about a year now.  The best part about cast-iron skillets is that they can handle high-heat, perfect for pre-cooking steaks before you put them in the oven.

As for health point-of-view, the iron-skillets might give off little scraps of iron that is actually great for your human body, unlike DuPont-coated non-iron skillets that can cause cancer among other things if that coat gets scraped off somehow.

One thing you have to be careful is to not use any detergent when cleaning cast-iron skillets.  Even though it’s harder to maintain a cast-iron skillet, I’d say it’s definitely worth it for the awesome hashbrowns, omelettes, steaks, shrimps, you name it!  Sorta heavy though, great workout your arms…

Price: $24.99 on Amazon

(This is the one I have, I swear this is the lowest price on a 12″ cast-iron skillet but good quality.)


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