Microsoft’s New Ads Imply Macs are Too Expensive!


Lol, Microsoft is implying that Apple Macs are too expensive on their new ads, as seen in this vid. It’s true though, I “still” have bought 1 Mac in my whole entire life, that was for one of the graphic designers I hired, not for me. Of course, I will always need the extra features that PC give me, (ironic huh saying this and coming from a person who doesn’t like Windows) there’s so much more you can do on a PC.

Of course, I will never be satisfied with Windows, the operating system, but yes, PCs will always rule and that doesn’t mean Windows is good though, but Intel/AMD CPUs and the hardware that runs it is very good…

I just don’t want to spend over $2000-3000 on a Mac, when I can get like 3-4 PC laptops worth $600 each.  Besides, it’s wiser to buy a $600 every year rather than shelling out your wallet at one-time, which you will regret when your $3000 laptop is worth less than half of its original price the year after.  Btw, I did buy a $2000 HP laptop every year.  Not because the HP laptops were slow, they all DIED.  No more HP laptops for next 10 years I think… (for me.)

That’s right, it’s a not-Mac! I mean, it’s an HP! It’s hard to keep track, since the only complaint the commercial brings up is that Giampaolo (henceforth referred to as “John”) wants to pay for the components, and not the brand. And that’s a fairly reasonable point of view, according to our study of the infamous “Apple Tax.” It’s true, John simply cannot buy a new MacBook with, say, 4GB of memory for under $1,500. But as any Apple fanboy knows, with Apple, your premium pays for the software, and for Microsoft (primarily a software company!) to take the position that software has no impact on value is an odd choice.

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