iPhone Hack – How to Fix the Volume Control If You Drop It!



I guess it’s easy to damage your iPhone’s volume control if you drop it badly enough right on the volume control unit.  Well, for those of you who can’t control the volume of your iPhone, here’s an easy way to dismantle and get your volume control working again.  It also looks like Apple is being evil about anyone dropping the iPhones so this hack might just save you from buying a new iPhone.

I was unfortunate enough to drop my iPhone 1G on the decrease volume switch and if anything approached it, the volume would fall to the bottom and stay there as if someone had a finger on it. This interferes with any usage and really gets to you.

Even though the iPhone was under contract, since it was an accident Apple’s official response was ‘Sorry. Buy a new phone’. Since the warranty did not mean anything, the decision was taken to open and try to fix it

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