Label DIY – How to Make Awesome Laser Labels!


One of my friends Russell has been making a blog over at with some awesome posts on various different things you can do with laser labels, here’s some of my favorite DIY/HOWTO guides from WorldLabel Blog:

On top of the great DIY/HOWTO articles you can check out, provides one of the lowest prices for labels in the world. (hence “World” “Label”)

As I have mentioned many times before, there’s are ways you can save by buying stuff online instead of at your local retail store.  Buying labels isn’t any different, has the “lowest” prices anywhere for laser labels.

In this recession economy, it makes perfect sense to cut down on as many expenses as possible, makes it possible for you to save a LOT on labels so you can keep that change and use it for something else.

If you run a business, you might be interested to learn that labels can be painfully expensive at traditional label stores.  Worry no more as provides practically all type of laser labels at fraction of the retail cost. also provides you with instant FREE access to PDF label maker, you can download and print out fairly quickly, without having to adjust your printer, MS Word settings, etc…etc…


Even if you don’t need to save on labels, I highly suggest you to take advantage of their free PDF label maker and the label HOWTO Blog with great tips and insights into efficient labeling.

(Thanks Russell for the tip!  Your blog is looking really good!)

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