RV DIY – How to Go Green with RVs!

Here’s some great tips on how to save money and energy if you are into RVs and cross-country driving:

1. Try a diesel-powered RV model such as the BioTrekker, which is powered by the more fuel efficient and less costly biodiesel.

2. Convert an existing model to biodiesel via a kit. Biodiesel kits can be found online or via a green RV dealer.

Q: Don’t you need a special biodiesel engine to run it?
A: No. B100 (100 percent biodiesel) will run in most diesel engines with little or no modifications. B20 (20 percent biodiesel) will run in any diesel engine without modifications. I’ll soon be providing a comprehensive list of diesel vehicles in the U.S. that are candidates for biodiesel.

3. Power up using solar or wind energy. I’ve seen many an RV with a wind turbine attached which presumably could power up a variety of electronics including a laptop, tv, cell phones, etc.

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