Laptop DIY – How to Clean Your Laptop CPU Fans!

The #1 cause for laptop failures are the CPU fan grills filling up with dust and making your fans no longer operable.  Once you start hearing extra “fan sounds” in your laptop, it probably means your CPU fans are stuck with dust and it’s time to clean them.  If you don’t, your CPU will overheat and the laptop will ultimately give you the blue screen of death now and then.

But it’s not too hard to clean your laptop CPU fans, the hard part is just getting to it depending on the brand.

HP laptops in general have horrible fan-grill designs, I have personally cleaned 2 of my previous HP laptops before and this usually fixes “all” HP laptop problems.

Anyways, here’s a good DIY that shows you how to clean your laptop CPU fans.

My main computer is an hp zv5000 – it uses two heat pipes with heat sinks and two fans to cool the processor. Through use, those heat sinks (copper?) and pipes collect quite a bit of dust reducing the machine’s cooling capacity.

via instructables


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