Laptop Arm Stand for Busy Tweeples!

Do you have more than 1 laptop laying around?  Well, if you do, you might be surprised to learn that there’s this laptop arm stand that can practically lift your laptop onto anywhere on your desk.

I suspect you can put a slew of laptops with a bunch of these laptop arm stands, great idea for saving space if you use multiple laptops like me.

The adjustable laptop desk stand with c-clamp mount on the platform provides stable positioning for notebook computers weighing between 5-1/2 lbs. to 17 lbs. The spring-balanced arm has strength and ease making it’s adjustability a user friendly, ergonomic tool. The stand is flexible, rotate, swivel, and is height and tilt adjustable so you can work most comfortably. Adjustable c-clamp stands can be mounted on any of your desk’s edges. The metal platform is covered with self-adhesive soft pad. Cable management inside adjustable arm.

Price: $304.95 on Amazon

(via laptop blog)


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