Laptop/Netbook Cleaning Kit!

If you have been keeping up with our blog, you are probably very knowledgeable on the fact that your computer keyboard is about 5 times dirtier than your toilet.

Of course, there’s a “washable” keyboard you can buy too.   Your laptop/netbook keyboard unfortunately, won’t be washable and here’s a perfect cleaning kit for that and more.  This laptop cleaning kit comes with anti-bacterial solution plus fibers to keep your gadgets filthy clean. (Price: $18.75 on Amazon)

  • Complete cleaning solution kit
  • Anti-Bacteria:contains active ingredients to eliminate the growth of bacteria
  • Anti-Static:creates an anti-static layer on the applied surface.
  • Petroleum-Free:does not damage the various coatings of
  • camera lens,notebook/phone LCD and plasma TV

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